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Your cabin with a private spa in the heart of Perche.


Luxury, Tranquility, and Bliss

Immerse yourselves in a unique getaway for two within our cozy cabin cocoon, where every detail invites relaxation: thoughtful and distinctive decor, the comforting embrace of wood, panoramic views of the Perche hills from the spa, expansive windows overlooking 4 hectares of nature, and a delightful gourmet breakfast delivered right to the doorstep of your cabin. It's an escape designed to rejuvenate your spirits and create lasting memories...

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Our swimming pool

Indulge in our inviting, cozy wooden pool, nestled beneath a charming old barn, where the water is naturally purified without chemicals, offering a refreshing dip. Enjoy the sun-kissed terrace, perfect for relaxation, as you bask in the warmth of the southern exposure. Open from May to October, it's an oasis awaiting your presence.


Piscine Nuits Perchées

Our cabins

Step into a haven amidst the heart of Perche within our private forest, classified under Natura 2000: with two terraces offering the perfect setting for indulging in a Scandinavian bath year-round, soaking up the sun, or dining under the starlit sky. Witness the forest's wildlife in their natural habitat. Relish in a dinner prepared by our skilled hands and start your day with a burst of flavor and vitamins.

Immerse yourself in the world of Silva Pertica and Flora Pertica; two distinct atmospheres mirroring the forest's ever-changing seasons. Discover quality furnishings, carefully curated and restored by us, alongside artworks by local talents. Sink into a luxurious and cozy bed, crafted from the finest materials sourced from our beloved French regions, from the mattress to the pillows.

Nuits Perchées

Our cabins in every season

Envelop yourself in the comforting warmth of wood, enhanced by impeccable insulation and efficient radiators. With your spa set at a blissful 39°C on the terrace, you can gracefully embrace the crispness of winter or the gentle freshness of spring. During summer, the forest bestows its refreshing coolness for serene nights.

Nuits Perchées, nestled within the enchanting confines of a Natura 2000 classified domain, reveals its timeless allure in every season. Here, amidst the protected fauna and flora, encounters with deer at sunrise become magical moments, adding a touch of bucolic elegance to your stay.



Fine Dining Experience

Treat Yourself to a Sensory Forest Retreat, a Culinary Interlude.

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For a stroll, beyond the forest, the GR22 trail to Mont Saint Michel passes right by your cabin. The more adventurous may opt to hop on our electric bikes and cruise along the greenway just a few pedal strokes away. The Perche Regional Park offers a wealth of natural and cultural heritage, deserving of an extended stay in its own right...


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